The project envisages 5 major outcomes to be achieved:

  • Creation of 5 regional innovation laboratories INNOLABs in the 5 regions: Uzhgorod, Kharkiv, Kiev in Ukraine, Grodno and Polotsk in Belarus.
    The INNOLABs will be used in regional innovation ecosystems in Belarus and Ukraine. They will allow enterprises, working together with academics & students, to experiment with breakthrough ideas. They will provide the setting for the development and advancement of solutions & generate value for both society & enterprises.
  • Use of the platforms for teaching/learning and enhancing cooperation between the Universities and enterprises.
    Students will work under supervision of their tutors in smaller groups and individually in-class and at home at solving real-world problems that regional enterprises have and have set up on the platforms. Through platforms students will be able to publicise their innovative ideas and solutions which will most probably attract enterprises or investors. Through the platforms they will be able to communicate with their peers in the other Universities in Belarus and Ukraine and exchange ideas with people in business.
  • Boosting opportunities for students for their professional development and enhancement of their entrepreneurial skills.
    The acquired knowledge will help Belarusian and Ukrainian students to better adapt to the new learning environment that will be created at the partner Universities after the launch of INNOLABs. The use of open innovation learning platforms will stimulate more active students learning through team work aimed at generating ideas, increase entrepreneurial potential, improve students employability skills and enhance their career opportunities.
  • Giving a chance to students to learn from the peers at the EU partner Universities and participate in short-term trainings at the Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, in October 20013 and Bradford University, UK, in November/December 2013.
    Students at the Belarusian and Ukrainian partner Universites (three from each) together with staff at those Universities will visit Tallinn University of Technology to learn from best practice in open innovation learning platforms at meetings with academics, students and innovative enterprises. Three students and three staff members from the Belarusian and Ukrainian partners will learn from best practice of Bradford University in enterprise education. The visit will include meetings with educators, discussion about teaching and support material, monitoring lectures, discussions about the use of new practices.

Our partners who will participate in the development of the INNOLAB and will attract students with their ideas and solutions each in its own region. The enterprises offer:

  • Participation in international and national innovative projects;
  • Internships and career development;
  • Development of analytical skills;
  • Participation in development and realisation of consulting projects;
  • Enhancing skills for innovative development of business;
  • Offering real-life problems for solving in groups or individually.

The Universities using the open innovation learning platforms within the INNOLABS will:

  • Encourage students’ active involvement in the cooperation with enterprises;
  • Attract lead enterprises in their regions to the exploitation of the INNOLABS;
  • Engage students with their ideas and research results in the development of business.

We are fostering the culture of innovations. Therefore, we are inviting all students who have interesting ideas and solutions, who are enthusiastic and motivated, looking into the future, to work with us and use the INNOLABS very actively.

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