grodno-2Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno is the largest regional university in the Republic of Belarus. It was founded in 1978 after the Pedagogical Institute reorganization. There are 16 faculties, 4 colleges and an Institute for Professional Skills Upgrading and Retraining.

There are more than 18 thousand students, 270 master students, 190 postgraduates, 6 thousand college students. The university staff comprises 894 members of academic staff and 2 thousand members of the other university staff.

Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno is an accredited scientific organization and a centre for scientific and innovation development of the Grodno region. The university research infrastructure comprises research activity, 7 scientific research laboratories and centres. Scientific and production unitary enterprise was created in order to commercialize university researchers’ developments.

The university conducts research within the framework of more than 150 funded projects, 55 of which are state research programmes projects, 33 Grants of the Foundation for Basic Research. It is one of the leading regional universities in Belarus according to the amount of financing of these researches. 22 projects are funded by the enterprises and organizations of the Grodno region. Over 55% of all researches are applied. Research results are being actively implemented in production and patented. University researchers publish 2,500 articles annually.

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