kharkiv_otherThe National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» (NTU «KhPI») which was founded in 1885 is the oldest technical higher education institution of the Left-Bank Ukraine.

Its history has become an integral part of the scientific, technical, intellectual and cultural history of Ukraine. The name of a Noble Prize winner L.D. Landau and the names of worldwide known scientists such as academicians N.N.Beketov, P.P.Budnikov, A.K.Valter, A.M.Lyapunov, S.P.Tymoshenko, M.D.Pilchykov, K.D.Sinelnikov, V.A.Steklov, E.I.Orlov, G.F.Proskura, I.I.Strelkov, V.M.Chrushchov, S.S.Urazovskyi, A.P.Philipov, V.I.Atroshchenko, A.S.Berezhnoi, A.M.Pidgornyi, the honored doctors D.I.Mendeleev and M.E. Zhukovskyi and also the name of professor V.L.Kyrpychov, the founder of NTU “KhPI” and Kyiv Polytechnic, and many other names are connected with the National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute».

The University has trained more than 150 thousand engineers during the years of its existence. 22 University graduates have become correspondents and full members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, about 110 scientists of the University have been awarded State prizes.

Currently, more than 26 thousand students are trained; there are 430 postgraduates, and 1700 teachers and scientists among which 190 Doctors of Sciences and Professors and more than 800 candidates of sciences and associate professors. The University prepares specialists in the field of machine-building, automation, electrical engineering, electronics, chemical engineering, control systems, high physical and microprocessor technologies, psychology, economics of enterprises, business, etc. under 96 specialties.

In 2007 NTU «KhPI» joined the European University Association.

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