TernopilFoundation “Business – incubator Ternopil:

  • Creates a favorable business environment for the development of innovations that contribute to the spread of new technologies, knowledge and competence;
  • supports business initiatives and social projects among students, youth, women and disadvantaged groups;
  • supports of development of interregional cooperation, the release of SMEs in international markets through foreign and Ukrainian partners, investors, increased social responsibility of international business

Business-foundation will contribute in terms of innovative enterprises. It would not comment on the relevance and applicability of the research tools, documents, concepts, platforms, etc., developed by the project. Foundation ensures comprehensibility of the language used for innovative businesses, and the fact that the developed solutions are suitable. Thus, it will be involved in some way in all of the project, although not lead to any work package. However, it will play a particularly important role in the dissemination activities, as it will facilitate access to major organizations such as UBICA.

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