The URBAN AND REGIONAL INNOVATION Research (URENIO) is a university laboratory for the promotion of research and supply of technological services in the field of intelligent cities. URENIO is part of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Development in the School of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

URENIO is mainly involved in competitive projects from the European R&D Framework Programmes (FP), the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP), and the Innovative Actions of the European Regional Development Fund. The Unit took part in numerous projects funded by national and international research institutions and the European Commission.

URENIO is known for its research record in the fields of innovation ecosystems and intelligent cities. Research carried out in the Lab is acknowledged by leading organizations worldwide. It is among the few academic organizations promoting research in the field of intelligent cities, having introduced the concept of intelligent cities as physico-virtual territorial systems of innovation and most advanced innovative agglomerations.

URENIO research and services focus on the technological development of cities and regions. The overall research effort of URENIO concerns the ability of cities and regions to create environments supporting R&D, innovation, human skills and intelligence. In particular, the Unit works on the following four closely related themes: a) Cities and regions of innovation, b) Innovation ecosystems, c) Innovation strategy development and d) Digital innovation spaces and intelligent cities.

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