INNOLABS are a medium for cooperation between University and enterprises enhancing entrepreneurial skills in students, stimulating students for generation of ideas and organisation of start-ups in future.  Open innovation platforms as an INNOLAB tool attracting society, business and University staff and students, assist in the production of socially important projects. Through the use of the platform Universities will be able to adapt their study programmes so that those will enable students to get better employment and the study programmes to get more market oriented.  INNOLABS are therefore about strengthening University-business relationships through intervening into the academic curriculum. The platform at the INNOLABS will also create a possibility for enterprises to monitor the quality of study programmes and students’ professional knowledge and skills as well as their soft skills. It is also expected that INNOLABS will foster interdisciplinarity of education, research and implementation of its results. INNOLABS are not only a medium , it is also a process of bringing enterprises to University research and education to change attitudes and approaches, and bringing staff and students at University closer to the business reality in the region. They in the long run will mean new ideas, new forms and new visions.

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