Study Visit to Bradford, UK including Master students

From 26th January to 8th February we had the participation of both academia and their Master degree students from our partner universities in both Ukraine and Belarus, as well as the Ministry officials from Ukraine, who came to visit Bradford on a study visit to learn from best practice in enterprise education.

The majority of the study visit took place at the Re-Centre based at Bradford University. The Re-Centre is a new building in the heart of the campus for partnering with businesses in delivering radical business solutions around sustainability and the circular economy and is the Northern Office of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.  Students were set a “Textile Challenge” led by Mariusz Kos and Maarja Hallik with overview from Professor Kalantaridis, the Tempus Project Director in developing a sustainable solution that would assist the revival of the textile industry in Bradford using creativity, critical thinking and design, all skill required in the use of the INNOLAB platforms.  The students were split into mixed teams and each team was supported by a network of experts and mentors to work on producing a 1500 word concept paper and a 3 minute video to introduce and sell each teams idea in their first week. The start of the second week was the Networking Event which included the academia of the students universities, The Ministry officials and a panel of experts who were able to judge each of the teams and decide the winners. The winning team’s solution was the concept of “Ramie”.

The students visits included attending lecturers by Professor Kalantaridis, visit to the Bradford College Textile, the heritage of Saltaire and a partnership company Camira Fabrics.

Camira Fabric visit Camira Fabric visit Camira Fabric visit Students from Kharkiv Technical University, Ukraine with Professor Kalantaridis Students and Academia from Polotsk State University, Belarus Students with Panel of Judges Students and Academia from University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine and Professor Safonov from The Ministry Networking Event Networking Event Visit to Saltaire DSCF3263-3 Winning Team Presentation A Team Presentation Re-Centre at Bradford University Bradford College Textile