Needs Analysis and Best Practice Report

The deliverable 10 “Innovation Laboratories in Belarus and Ukraine: Needs Analysis & International Best Practice” is now available on the INNOLAB website.

Executive Summary

The aim of WP2 is to develop a comprehensive understanding of existing enterprise engagement and innovation practice in Belarus & Ukraine, & compare this with that internationally.

To substantiate the aim achievement the three main focuses were undertaken in preparing a report:

  1. to analyze an international literature;
  2. to reveal the regional peculiarities of existing enterprise engagement and innovation practice through the extensive fieldwork in three regions in Ukraine (Kharkiv, Kyiv and Zakarpattya) and Belarus (Grodno and Vitebsk), all geographically located differently, thus reflecting the distinctive economic circumstances;
  3. to generalize the clustering results gotten in the bigger national pictures on the topic for both countries Ukraine and Belarus.

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