Reflection on the study visit to Tallinn

2013-04-15 17.40.02This study visit to Estonia was an important source of inspiration for the Tempus Project partners and both Urve and Sirje did not fail me, for I found the whole Tallinn study visit experience so inspirational that even I was inspired on thinking of an innovative product!

During the week we visited a number of different organisations and experts in their own field involved in knowledge transfer. These included the Estonian Development Fund, Enterprise Estonia, Tallinn University and the Tallinn City Government. Every host of their organisation provided us with information of their history background to the context of how they have developed over years. I found every host to be very open and honest in their presentations and answering questions put to them by our partners.

It was clear that since Estonia joined the EU it has helped raised their economic profile, the development of Skype software being written in Tallinn which they are extremely proud to acknowledge, low taxes and a government that works in collaboration it is undoubtedly a country that works as a whole, so it felt like everyone was clear of their vision of Estonia and further development strategies required of them to remaincompetitive within the market place.

The hospitality of every organisation we visited we were made to feel very welcome. They were well-prepared providing literature, drinks and biscuits and extremely scrumptious fancy cakes at the Tallinn City Government.

What inspired me:

  • The collaboration and networking over different organisations
  • The infrastructure in place to feed innovation
  • Estonia knows its market, its niche, its vision
  • Strategies in place to overcome problems ie. Export Revolution

Karen Kirkpatrick
University of Bradford School of Management