Newsletter No.1 (for Students)

The first INNOLAB newsletter is available.


  • Thinking about Innovations
  • About the TEMPUS project and the partners
  • Possibilities for students within the project
  • University-Enterprise-Society contacts

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INNOLAB Workshop in Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev Workshop

Kiev Workshop

Selected Presentations

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Study Visit to Bradford, UK


During the week from 13 till 18 May 2013 project participants from Belarus and Ukraine took part in the study visit to Bradford University where they got their impressions about the system of cooperation between University, community and business. During the visit the hosts planned a visit to Salford University in Greater Manchester where their unique experience in liaisoning with business and community within fruitfully developing Knowledge Transfer Partnerships was shared. It was important to notice how the two British Universities take an active role in the development of the local community and have feedback from the community thus expanding their role of academic training to regional development and enhancement of entrepreneurship. During the discussion of the project implementation to which a whole day was devoted, the participants summarised the reflections on the three study visits and made conclusions on the best practices learnt as well as the ways of applying the practices at their home Universities with certain changes that would become possible through the present TEMPUS project. Read More

Reflection on the study visit to Tallinn

2013-04-15 17.40.02This study visit to Estonia was an important source of inspiration for the Tempus Project partners and both Urve and Sirje did not fail me, for I found the whole Tallinn study visit experience so inspirational that even I was inspired on thinking of an innovative product!

During the week we visited a number of different organisations and experts in their own field involved in knowledge transfer. These included the Estonian Development Fund, Enterprise Estonia, Tallinn University and the Tallinn City Government. Every host of their organisation provided us with information of their history background to the context of how they have developed over years. I found every host to be very open and honest in their presentations and answering questions put to them by our partners. Read More

Study visit to Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn study visit

Our study visit to Tallinn, Estonia was a real experience – efficient week that gave us a lot. A lot of knowledge, impressions, contacts and …fun! Though it was really cold outside (+3ºC and cold Baltic wind) – it was the Estonian spring already. We felt warm and excited.

The first impression from the moment we arrived at the hotel was the understanding – we were in the right place. The INNOLAB project and the logo was everywhere!

Special thanks to the organizers – our partners from Tallinn Technical University Urve Venesaar and Sirje Ustav – for intense and interesting programme that showed us different aspects of knowledge transfer cooperation between university and enterprises & business, implementation of innovations in Estonian economy, exciting workshops, visits to such important supporting and development organizations in Estonia as Enterprise Estonia, Estonian Development Fund, Tallinn Science Park “Technopol”, business incubators and start-ups centers, etc. Read More

Study visit to Thessaloniki, Greece


During the period of time from 25 February till 01 March 2013 there was a study visit to Aristotle University of Thessaloniki which took place in accordance with the project Workplan. 25 participants represented the 10 partner Universities.

The participants visited the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the industrial zone of Sindos, research centres, incubators and technopoles including Technopolis High Technology ICT Park. On 28 February the visitors had a meeting at the Centre for Dissemination of Research at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Special focus was put to the innovation practices at the University and presentation of the web-platforms developed by INTELSPACE and URENIO. Read More

Kick-off meeting & Needs Analysis Design Workshop in Uzhgorod, Ukraine


An initial meeting of the Partners of the Tempus Project “INNOLAB” financed by the European Commission took place on November 5th and 6th, 2012 at the Uzhgorod National University. The partners consisted of representatives of the Universities from Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, United Kingdom, Greece, and the Business Incubator of Ternopil in Ukraine. Apologies were received from the Ministry of Education & Science in Ukraine.

The meeting served as a valuable opportunity to discuss the project implementation, partner responsibilities and all technical details pertaining to the project. The primary outcome of this initial meeting was to gain a better understanding, originate ideas and decide how to exploit an open innovation learning platform and action research in enterprise education in order to enhance the engagement & innovative capabilities of University in Post-Socialist Societies. Read More